Season 34 Update, April 2020

During these unprecedented weeks of isolation and uncertainty, we know many of you are looking ahead to the summer and wondering if your long-cherished warm weather activities will go ahead.

For our part, we are continuing to plan Peterborough Musicfest – safely from our   homes – but we know our season will not run as normal. What it will look like, or if it will happen at all, is still very much in question. As we move closer to a definitive conclusion, we assure you that our decision will be based on the professional advice of public health officials.

As always, the safety and wellbeing of our performers, staff, volunteers and audience is of paramount importance.

In the meantime, let us all give thanks to the heroes that have worked tirelessly to keep us well. Our doctors and nurses; our public health officials and government agencies; our grocers and truck drivers; our restaurant and warehouse workers, and so many more.

Let us also offer special thanks to the artists and creators whose work has sustained us through these long weeks of isolation. Please consider supporting your favourites in whatever way you can so they may continue to create long into the future.

Stay inside. Stay safe. Stay hopeful and we will talk to you again soon.