New Year, New Possibilities

Like every other live event organization, Peterborough Musicfest lost its summer 2020 season to the COVID-19 health emergency. This has been extremely hard on our organization. Seventy-five percent of our sponsorship funding evaporated which led to the temporary layoff of a treasured colleague and a rip tide of lost revenue for dozens of Peterborough businesses who rely on our audiences to fill their restaurants, pubs, and cafés. Who book hotel rooms, hit our waterways, fill up on gas, and so much more while they’re in town.

The funding we did manage to hold on to was enough to keep the wolf from the door and keep two of us employed without interruption. To say we’re grateful for that would be a massive understatement. Better still, it’s enough funding to allow us to pivot (are you tired of that word yet?!) to provide alternate programming for you, our faithful audience.

Unfortunately, the rules changed on us mid-plan. Then it happened again. So, we’ve been stuck in development mode all these many months. If you know us, you know we love a good brainstorming session – we’re event planners, it’s what we live for! But, if we’re being honest, we’re knackered. We want to actually produce an event!

Of course, it’s all understandable. We’re living through an emergency the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a hundred years. Still, it’s been tough. No doubt it’s been tough on you too.

Okay, back story explained, we’ve finally hit on a programming idea that we can confidently say WILL happen! Huzzah! We can’t give you all the details just yet (boo!), but we can say that we’re on for a live streamed date in March. We’ll spill all the tea as soon as possible, so please keep your eyes locked on this space.

As always, we want to thank our steadfast sponsors for sticking with us through thick and very thin. This also includes huge thanks to all levels of government for stepping up with emergency funding that has both sustained us and kept our hope alive.

We cannot wait to get back at ‘er … responsibly of course!