Againist The WindAgainst The Wind: Bob Seger Tribute (Classic Rock Tribute) | August 11th | 8pm

The launch of ATW in 2015 marked 35 years since Bob Seger’s, award-winning album and hit single, “Against The Wind”, a song that even at the time was seemingly destined to become etched into the public’s minds and hearts. It was so embedded in the cultural consciousness, iconic enough to be featured on Forrest Gump’s epic marathon through the desert, that it is the perfect moniker for a cover band re-creating so many unforgettable anthems.
ATW sets the stage for memories and new experiences. This band is dedicated to honouring Bob Seger, paying homage to the irrefutable mantra - “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”. ATW’s repertoire includes licks from albums that are obvious mega hits from the 60’s, 70’s and beyond while bringing a vibrant sound that is the signature of the Toronto based outfit.




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